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Jm Stone Co., Ltd.

Xiamen Stone Co., Ltd., which are a professional natural stone manufacturer and exporter in Xiamen, Fujian, China. Our company has been exporting granites, marbles, slates, sandstones and pebbles to Japan, Europe, America, UK, and Australia etc. We are dealing with any kind of stone products (from tiles, slabs to countertops and tombstones); We also can produce according to your specification of measurements and finished. Our most advantageous materials are G684, G654, G682, G603, G633 etc local granites and Chinese marbles.If you have been already involved in China business, we also can offer you help in managing your daily operations such as quality control, time management, project management etc. We are well experienced in Natural Stone Processing and China Trade; We have our own factory and numerous co-owned factories in and around Xiamen and have become one of the most important stone export companies in stone business. We have successfully combined western and eastern working style that makes a smooth cooperation possible and avoids communication problems as well as cultural misunderstandings.

Our Stone Products

Countertops Granite Tombstone  

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