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China's Situation of Mineral Resources

In the early 21st century, China is in the development stage of accelerated industrialization,and the demand for mineral resources will get to higher requirements.

Strong demand for mineral resources and a shortage of resources situation is not optimistic, especially some relationship to mineral about the national welfare and the people's livelihood and bulk of the conflict between supply and demand, are not only hard to improve in short term but may have increased.

For example: Although the coal resources are sufficient, but in the region it is still tense on the supply of oil. The shortage of resources limits the growth of production, lags behind demand growth in the growing contradiction between the need of importing large quantities of short-term trend will not change; rich iron ore , Copper, chromite still scarce; aluminium, lead and zinc resources, phosphate rock from the proved reserves.

Other resources will be fully guaranteed. According to the former State Development Planning Commission, organized by the Department of Geology and Mineral Resources of the early 21st century China's 45 major mineral situation of supply and demand analysis:

(1) 2010 resource shortages, mainly depend on import of mineral: chromium drilling, the platinum, potassium salt, diamond 5;

(2) Can not guarantee that in 2010, some require long-term imports of mineral: Petroleum, gas, iron, manganese, copper, nickel, gold, silver, sulphur, boron 10 species;

(3) 2010 will ensure that the basic mineral: uranium, aluminium, sawn, refractory clay, and phosphorus. Six kinds of asbestos, and so on.

(4) in 2010 and can guarantee that some ores can be on exchange of mineral exports are: magnesite, platinum, rare earth, mirabilite, coal, titanium, cement raw materials, glass materials, stone, fluorite, tungsten, tin, zinc , Aluminum, antimony, barite, talc, kaolin, wollastonite, diatomite, graphite, bentonite, gypsum, etc. 24.

Preliminary estimates in 2010, China's mineral shortage of (the need imports) will reach around 200 million tons.

The situation even more severe than at this stage; to 2020 China's economic development will be the third-step strategic objectives of the people into the medium term, the economy close to the world average level, reaching the middle to the country, the economy will continue to maintain rapid development and the annual growth rate of 5 -6%, to ensure that the needs of only six kinds of ores, in particular the absolute demand for big oil, iron, copper, aluminum, sulfur, phosphorus and other mineral important to expand the gap, about 2.5-3 million t, mineral Intensified conflict between supply and demand of resources, the country's economic sectors will pose severe challenges.

Therefore, the combination of China's national conditions and the mine situation, based on domestic and develop China's mineral resources development and utilization of strategies and policies to reasonable use of domestic and foreign markets and resources, and take both revenue and expenditure of resources-saving road of economic growth ZI century so as to ensure China's economic development on the demand of mineral resources.

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