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Saudi Stone 2008

Event Date (s): Nov 09, 2008 - Nov 12, 2008
Show Organizer (s): Riyadh Exhibitions Company Ltd.
Venue: Riyadh International Exhibition Centre
Address: P.O. Box 596 Riyadh
Offical Website of Show: www.recexpo.com

This beehive of construction activity has naturally created massive knock-on demand for the full range of stone products and international avant-garde stone technology. International stone industry investors are leaping at the opportunity to invest in one of the regional most exciting, and lucrative, markets. From marble, granite, travertine and stone derivatives, to cutting, polishing and manufacturing machinery, it's all going to be on display at Saudi Stone 2008 ¡° under the watchful eyes of top regional buyers and distributors, who will be seeking to acquire the very latest in stone technology products. Saudi Arabia enjoys its own non-metallic mineral resources, like clay, limestone, glass sand, and gypsum. But as the construction boom has gathered pace in Saudi Arabia and the region, propelled in part by the immense rebuilding effort underway in Iraq, it has become necessary to upgrade and expand mineral treatment plants. Here, too, exciting opportunities have been created for regional and international investors.Nowhere in Saudi Arabia is construction activity more intense, nowhere is more being spent on multibillion dollar construction projects, and nowhere is demand for stone and stone technology stronger than in the thriving, expanding Saudi capital Riyadh. And thats precisely where top stone industry professionals and trade buyers are going to gather for Saudi Stone 2008, to strike investment deals, consolidate brand exposure, and meet the well-placed public and private sector decision-makers who can streamline business initiatives. Saudi Stone 2008 is going to offer participants a unique window of investment access to one of the most exciting stone and stone technology markets around.

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