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    Special Pattern Glass Tile

    Special Pattern Glass Tile

    Crystal glass tiles are made of pure impervious glass. With the use of unique technology, the glass is cut, grinded off and an exact serigraphy expresses depth and individual look of the tiles. They therefore have the properties of being:·frostproof·impervious to water and stains·highly resistant to chemical attack·resistant to fading and discoloration·easy to cleanCrystal glass tiles have sections of 4 mm and 5 mm and its physical strengths should be compared to wall tiles of comparable thickness.Crystal glass tiles are available in more than 60 colors and all sizes are modular metric sizes based on a 300 x 300 mm / 12" x 12" (nominal) module which includes an allowance for grout spacing of 1. 5 mm / 1/16".Crystal glass tiles are manufactured to satisfy industry standard specifications for glazed wall tile.·Tile mounted on strong but flexible mesh·All tiles in visible during installation·No paper needs to remove after installationMosaic is the art of tessellation arising from ancient Rome.People used it to decorate walls and floors, drawing beautiful patterns with colorful pieces of cobbles, seashells, glass, etc.The dream-like tint and the varied combination bring infinite enchantment of art. However at that time it's just the nobility's luxury but not the common people's consumable. For a long time mosaic was only a fond dream.Now, the antiquated dream can be copied and be realized by the new coming high-grade crystal glass mosaic.Crystal glass tile is a kind of environment-protecting decoration material.The tiles can be used in hotel, dance hall, club, bathing hall, swimming pool, kitchen, washing room, etc., with difficult or simple patterns of combination.They have the properties of being frost proof, imperious to water and stains, highly resistant.To chemical attack, resistant to fading and discoloration, easy to clean.Their gorgeous appearances as well as the top-grade quality integrate with designers' inspiration so flawlessly that choosing glass tile has become the most fashionable stream of interior and exterior decoration.We prepare tens of colors and many collections for your reference. In the world of CRYSTAL GLASS TILE, you can choose, and you can also design.

    Special Pattern Glass Tile product offered by Changzhou Shihao International Trade Co., Ltd.


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